Noveltyinc Token Distribution

Dear Noveltyinc community,

We’re incredibly excited to announce that:

  1. Noveltyinc will be listed on 3 of the TOP Exchanges from 1 November 2020, to prevent scammers from taking advantage of the situation we are not allowed to make public announcements before the exchange does.
  2. In line with the start of listing, NVI withdrawals or Distribution will be activated from 02:00 AM UTC on October 11th — 30th 2020.
  3. NVI token is now available on Uniswap at $1.60 ( 0.004 eth ) per NVI
  4. Distribution of less than 200NVI will be permitted T&C Applied.


You have spoken and we have listened instead of minting tokens that are less than 200NVI, Noveltyinc will Distribute all tokens to tokens holders at a fee of $10 network fee per qualified distribution. this comes as a result of a surge in ethereum fees which we will incur during the distribution


Add Noveltyinc on Your Trust Wallet by Searching For Noveltyinc Smart contract Address and Add it using the Details are bellow:

Contract address: 0xC29C836A899e002F4F30f97b8ee21180836c404C
Token Name: Noveltyinc
Decimals: 16
Token Symbol: NVI

After Adding Noveltyinc, tap on noveltyinc and Copy your noveltyinc trust wallet address, login to your Noveltyinc account ( ) and past your receiving address on your noveltyinc account by editing or changing the existing account wallet address.


After Adding your Noveltyinc Trust wallet Address, Pay the Gas fee amount of $10 for the Transaction, only BTC can be sent to the below address, please do not send any other cryptocurrency as refunds or recoveries are impossible.

BTC ADDRESS: 13fyfrQp42tsiXztcxSM1iF1W9k9UAYUBa

Send the transaction Hash to


Receive NVI tokens on your Trust Wallet before exchange Listing.

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