Noveltyinc Swap & Early Bird

Noveltyinc swap with liquidity pools for miners and lenders Including DLT are the next core feature of NVI for the token to achieve long-term profitability.

Why It is Important to Have Dex ( Decentralized Exchanges )

Central crypto exchanges are now Disappearing at an overwhelming rate this is due to the fact that they are what is called hackers paradise with around $4 Billion stolen each year and governments are easily reaching out stamping down on central exchanges driving the final nail on central crypto exchanges coffin, creating an instant demand for trustless system, hacker proofed and beyond the reach of government censorship. Users can exchange crypto between each other without trusting a third part. More information

We believe Dex are the future of the crypto market and early adoption means a guarantee future profitability for noveltyinc crypto community.

Token Sale ( Second Round ) 30 November to 30 December.

Noveltyinc Smart Contract:

Total Supply: *80 000 000 NVI

Available For Token Sale: *2 000 000 NVI

Token Sale Price: $1,25 Per NVI

UniSwap Listing Price: $2,60 Per NVI


$300 000 Including first Round unclaimed Rewards in Airdrop will be paid out to NVI token purchasing addresses after the token sale.

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